A different world

I am 63. In my life I have received all of the benefits of the welfare state, well apart from child benefit, or family allowance as it used to be called. I was a first child born in 1953 and for some reason the state didn’t think you needed it for first children then.

I was born in a maternity hospital! part of the NHS. I went to Catholic schools but they were all state-aided. I passed the 11+ and went to a Grammar School. I received a full grant to go to University, for which there were no tuition fees. I had my children in NHS hospitals. I had treatment in NHS hospitals. I own a house. I have a job ( I an a Chartered Accountant) from which I will be retiring soon. I get a state pension.

i don’t see any at all reason why children born today, or 10 or 20 years ago shouldn’t have all the things that I had. I also can’t see a Conservative Government providing them.

I actually can’t see a Conservative Govenment really providing anything. Their free-market ideology means that they would like private enterprise to provide everything even if the state pays for some few things. The Conservatives see their natuaral voters as “people like us” who can afford to pay for what they want. Margaret Thatcher and her statement that there was no such thing as society hit the nail right on the head.

I would like to see a different world.

One where people have jobs which pay enough to live on, enough for proper housing, an decent NHS free at the point of use, a reasonably sized manufacturing sector, so we don’t suck imports in, good care available for the elderly, sick and troubled free at the point of use. A good well rounded education system providing the skills the country needs but also a well- rounded population. Good affordable pre-school provision.

The Labour Party is a party divided at present, but it is the only option to the present Govenment. The right wing detractors of Jeremy Corbyn do not seem to be able to see past their oppositionhim to the trouble the country is in. Why not? Are they too blinkered in their Westminster bunker to see how their prospective electorate, the very people they should care about, are drowning, not waving.

From the outside I might present like a typical Conservative voter, but I can see the problems with this Governent and am doing my small bit to oppose them by leafleting and canvassing for our local Labour Party. Why can’t those Labor MPs also see this and get behind their elected leader and fight the Givernment and for the people, not themselves





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